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Why do I prefer Cleanius?

Cleanius is estimated because ...

Because we all wish never

to get into this situation.

Research, development and improvement are carried out in all imaginable areas. An exception to this, however, was an obvious taboo topic, namely the absolutely inadequately solved problem of bedpans.

hard, cold

and painful


infection risk

risk of leakage,

no splash protection

patient and bed


Although there were early attempts to improve this situation in 1920 and these activities have been pursued somewhat more intensively in recent years, it has not been possible to reach a sovereign solution to date.


offers the clean solution

We are therefore happy to help you with our bedpans Cleanius Compact & Cleanius Eco to offer a solution that solves all the known disadvantages of the previous variants anatomically, ergonomically and technically perfect.

anatomically shaped, ergonomic to handle


no pressure sore,

large supporting areas



(Double Chamber)


splash protection for

woman and man

for stool and urine,

also simultaneously