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Cleanius handling

easy and secure

Cleanius has three equal grips, ONE for each side of application








The left grip is used when the patient is turned away from the nurse, as shown below.

The backside grip is used for dorsal application only and possibly to correct the position, as shown below.








The right grip is used when the patient is turned towards the nurse, as shown below.

turned away from the nurse

If support is provided by a second nurse opposite or if there is a bed rail opposite, the patient can be turned away from the nurse.

The patient is protected against dropping out.

dorsal application

Patients who can lift their buttocks with the help of the nurse or even independently, Cleanius can also be easily placed under the legs.

turned towards the nurse

If a nurse has to work alone and without a bed rail opposite, it is advisable to turn the patient towards the nurse.

The nurse ensures the patient with her own body.

Patients in need of care and bedridden need sensitive care

The bedridden patient has taken the correct position on Cleanius when the human sacrum is congruent with the sacrum shown on Cleanius.


The nursing staff can place the patient on all three sides, as is the case of an conventional bedpan.

position correction

A position correction of Cleanius held on the side and rear handle is possible. Turn, pull, slide sideways and swing, almost everything is possible. Only pushing deeper underneath the patient is not possible.


With conventional bedpans position corrections are possible only very limited.

apply splash protection

Create space for the splash protection, then insert the splash protection and adapt to the patient softly.

show the grips

The patient can additionally stabilize with the lateral handles.


Experienced patients can also set up or set up the Cleanius bedding alone thanks to the three side handles.

The handling video shows the positioning of the bedridden patient.

Leg-side support for patients who are able to lift the buttocks with or without support.

Lateral support when the patient is no longer able to lift his buttocks or must be rested from the side due to illness.

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