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Cleanius cleaning

hygienic and clean

Cleanius Compact and Cleanius Eco differ in material and cleaning.


mechanical cleaning to 110°C


manual cleaning to 65°C 

Class I medical device

certified according to directive

93/42 / EEC Annex VII

internationally patented

Cleanius cleaning with bedpan washer multiclean



The bedpan rinse multiclean by Kodra execution as

Tower or under-counter variant, free-standing or integrable.

Class IIa medical device Certified to EN ISO 13485 and Directive 93/42 / EEC Annex lI





with unique systems
- cleans
all common sanitary ware
- disinfects
  thermal, A0 value-oriented

Machine preparation in the multiclean washer

The mechanical reprocessing of Cleanius is professionally carried out in the new multi-rim bidet washer from Kodra.

Excellent handling at the open door of the appliance, excellent washing results and guaranteed thermal disinfection are a matter of course.

The treatment of all other common sanitary utensils is done in the multi-purpose bedpan washer as usual without frame change.

Approved tool

Health insurance

Care funds

internationally patented

Cleanius manual cleaning Use with or without foil pouch

Cleaning after use is always done manually.

Use with foil bag:

Cleanius Eco can be lined with a foil pouch. When using the foil pouch, you should use the urine and stool binder provided. This binds all liquid waste like a disposable diaper. After use, the foil bag used is removed, closed and disposed of with household waste.

The interior of Cleanius Eco remains largely clean.

Finally, any soiled areas are cleaned with a damp cloth and disinfected if necessary.


Use without foil bag:

Alternatively, Cleanius Eco can also be used without a foil pouch.

The chair and urine are emptied directly into the toilet after use. Important, empty forward over the top! This prevents unnecessary spraying. The residual pollution is z. B. fumigated in the shower. The surfaces are then dried and disinfected.

Cleaning and desinfection: 
Commercially available plastic-compatible cleaning and disinfecting agents can be used.


Care set 40 - 40 - foil pouches, 40 binders

Care set 80 - 80 foil bags, 80 binders